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All forms for the 2019 tax return at a glance (Elster-Formulare der Steuererklärung)

In fact, it is worthwhile filing a tax return more often than not, especially so far as employees are concerned.

Forms: All innovations for the 2019 tax return at a glance

  • Currently, the basic allowance, i.e. the non-taxable income, amounts to 9,000 euros per person
  • Deadline - tax returns must be submitted from 2020 until 31.07. at the latest
  • Penalties/fines - 0.25 percent of the tax amount will be set for each month of delay or part thereof, but at least 25.00 euros.

Child benefit will increase by 10 euros for each child from July 2019:

  • 1 child - 204,00 Euro instead of 194,00 Euro
  • 2 children - 204,00 Euro instead of 194,00 Euro
  • for the 3rd child - 210,00 Euro instead of 200,00 Euro
  • each additional child - 235,00 Euro instead of 225,00 Euro

The child allowance, which will also increase in the coming years:

  • 2019 - 4,980 Euro - with care allowance 7,620 Euro
  • 2020 - 5,172 Euro - with care allowance 7,812 Euro

Elster Steuer: Overview of tax forms for 2019

Unfortunately, filling out the forms is very complicated if you don’t have a lot of tax knowledge. In order to ensure that no professional costs have been forgotten, it is advisable to prepare a tax return with the help of tax programs or online software such as germantaxes.de.

Tax return forms: Your income tax return for the 2019 tax year

Many people have no desire to struggle through a variety of tax forms. For these people, we have the solution: The tax tool of steuererklaerung.de. It gives you the opportunity to create your tax return quickly and easily online and submit it immediately to the tax office.

Advantages of germantaxes.de at a glance

  • Simple tax interview instead of complicated tax forms
  • Consideration of all work-related costs and lump sums
  • Information is automatically transferred to the official tax form.
  • recognized by all tax offices in Germany
  • particularly suitable for “tax novices”, but also for all those who have little time

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